Since the mid 1980’s Core has consistently recognized and realized broad opportunities for value creation. Core’s projects have ranged from commercial, mixed use, residential, light industrial space, marinas, residential subdivisions and land development. David Pogorelc, principal at Core Investments, expresses his vision for the future of the company, “We believe in doing good for those who live and work in and around what we build.  So with that in mind we aim to improve upon existing properties as we bring lasting value to surrounding neighborhoods and communities.”



Very simply, David expresses his vision for the future of the company: “To improve upon existing real property while bringing lasting value to surrounding neighborhoods and communities.”  We aim to fulfill that by improving the quality of life within the local community.  How do we achieve that? Through thoughtful real estate development in the following ways:



At Core, we are committed to these essential values that drive what we do:

  • Improving the quality of life for others
  • Committing to integrity in everything we do
  • Fostering community redevelopment where we can find value in existing structures through creative re-purposing
  • Pursuing smart architectural design while incorporating historical perspective
  • Aiming for above-industry standard investor returns